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1963 Greeves Starmaker

( S o l d )

1963 Greeves Starmaker
24 ME 185
This is a very unique machine due to the fact that were only 87 of them produced. In 1962 Greeves was tired of the underpowered Villiers Engine, and asked them to develop an engine that would pump out more horsepower. Villiers developed the Starmaker engine that was revolutionary for its time. It had two amal carburators that worked progressively and had a horsepower rating of 25. Greeves ordered 87 of them and designated them as the ME series.
Greeves didn't like the engine due to the complaints of fiddling with the two carburators. Greeves was also developing their own line using their own engines, and that was the Challenger series.
The Challenger went on to be successful and the Starmaker was developed by Villiers to be the Stormer . . . and the rest is history.
I've had this machine for the past twenty years, and it's a livingroom machine. When I first acquired it, I removed the head and found a standard piston with good compression. It has been restored and kept inside, and never been run.

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